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eSPi: The Rebirth of a Legend

For our first product on the market, we are bringing back the spirit of a piece that has been a milestone in the Hip-Hop world & the House world for over 30 years, the legendary SP-1200. *
eSPi makes the gritty sound & effective workflow that helped create your favorite beats of the 90's available right at your finger tips for the very first time, with no limitations.
SP-1200 is a registered trademark of Rossum Electro-Music LLC

  • All major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS & Linux).
  • All-in-one solution for beat-making
  • Simple & effective vintage workflow
  • Gritty 12 bit sound & Drop-sample interpolation
  • Made by beat-makers, for beat-makers


Real Character

Many have tried to reproduce that very particular gritty, vintage sound, but none have ever come quite as close as eSPi

Hours of Sample Time

Unlike many vintage samplers, the time limitations are virtually inexistent with eSPi

Onboard FX

Access many effects and filters to tweak your sounds to perfection

MIDI Support

All the buttons, pads & faders are assignable to an external MIDI controller of your choice

True to Life Workflow

The workflow of eSPi was carefully modeled to give you an experience that is as close as possible to working out of the box, on hardware


Projects are inter-compatible with all platforms supported by eSPi. Start a beat on your phone, finish it on your laptop when you're home

What does beta-testing imply?

While eSPi will be available by the end of February for everyone, it will be a beta version. Read below to understand if this is for you or not.

By purchasing the beta version, you get early access to eSPi for the beta and beyond at a discounted price compared to release price.
But this comes with disadvantages as well, as for at least the first month you can expect bugs & missing features. But that's what the beta version is for, to identify and fix the bugs as well as implement all the features that will make this a complete product.

Please only purchase the beta version if you're willing to provide feedback and you're ready to deal with bugs and report them

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Beta Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions we've been getting

  • The beta version is available to anyone willing to support us early, provide feedback and help fixing bugs.
    You can either purchase the eSPi beta version early, at a discount, or wait until the beta period is over and the missing features are added & bugs have been ironed out.

  • eSPi is compatible with the following platforms:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Linux

    We recommend you install the free version first to verify your device is up-to-date and powerful enough to run the app smoothly.

  • Yes, all the buttons, pads & faders are assignable to any standard MIDI controller.
    MIDI is supported on all platforms, Android & iOS included. However, MIDI support on iOS requires you to install a separate app to work around some restrictions set by Apple.

  • Yes, you can generate an audio file of your song or separate tracks to lossless wav for each of your pads right into the app, no need for an external recording device.

  • No, eSPi is a standalone application and is not VSTi compatible.
    However, stay tuned as we do have plans for VST plugins in the future.

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